"To give a real service, you should demonstrate accountability, optimism, authenticity, respect, trust and communication.”

B. Tracy

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  • strategic management (focus on health, life sciences, and sports organizations)
  • project management
  • product development
  • R&D management
  • lean Six-Sigma
  • principled performance (governance, risk management, compliance, and ethics)



  • people development and management
  • team development and management
  • talent management
  • remote teams management
  • transition management
  • executive and private coaching
  • people assessment, selection, and recruitment
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  • strategic, organizational, operational, and people change management
  • alignment of purpose
  • mass engagement
  • continuous improvement (personal effectiveness)
  • retirement planning

HR Management


  • employment and contracts
  • compensation and benefits
  • employee relations and collective negotiations
  • management training, development and education
  • cross-cultural management (diversity, inclusion)
    people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytime

    In addition, O plc is registered to organise any type of educational, cultural, sports or general motivation event. 
    O plc has created relationships with international independent consulting organisations in order to benefit from the advantages of a potential sub-contracting network for larger and/or technical mandates and projects as well as synergise development costs. développement.