• “It is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises but only performance is reality.” Harold S. Geneen
  • “Leadership is the art of getting extraordinary Performance from ordinary people.” Anonymous
  • “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success than to take the Leadership in the introduction of Change” N. Machiavelli

Highlights  - end 2011


2011 has somewhat created an unexpected turn in the activity of O plc. While the year seemed to open under excellent auspices with large and interesting organisation transition contracts in the Middle East, those were cancelled before they started because of the Arab Spring Revolutions. Coincidentally, Alain Haut was invited to become Professor at the Business School of Lausanne, as well as Visiting Professor in two other business schools. Alain was also invited to be a key note speaker at two large conferences as well as at two professional seminars. Accordingly, his consulting activity was somehow reduced to the field of Executive Search, in addition to Alain’s regular activities in the Future Work Forum and education certification.

Business education

In addition to his continuing activity at UBIS (University of Business and International Studies in Geneva – European sister of Potomac University in Wahington, USA - where he teaches Human Resources, Management, Leadership and International Business in both the BBA and MBA programmes), Alain Haut was invited to become the main professor of the renewed BBA programme at BSL (Business School Lausanne – 3rd ranked Swiss Business School ) where he teaches 5 courses, and a professor in their Master of International Business degree (he teaches Cross-Cultural Management) as well as in their MBA (he teaches Career Empowerment). He has also been invited as a Visiting Professor at the International Management Institute in Kiev, Ukraine, where he teaches Rewards Management as well as Cross-Cultural Management to their Doctorate in Business Administration students. And recently, he was invited to become the Visiting Professor in Talent Management at the prestigious Lorange Institute in Zurich (founded by Peter Lorange the former Dean of IMD in Lausanne).

Public speaking

Alain Haut has been invited to be a key note speaker at two large conferences: one in Sofia, at the Bulgarian Association of Human Resources Managers Conference (320 participants on the subject of Talent Management) and one in London, at the People In Aid Human Resources Conference (more than 100 participants from charities on the subject of Coaching as a crucial part of the Learning Organisation). In addition, Alain was also key note speaker in two professional seminars in Geneva: one on the “Future of People Management” organised by UBIS (35 participants) and one on “Quality in Human Resources Management” organised jointly by the Swiss Management Association and the Swiss Quality Management Association (55 participants).

Education certification by the European Foundation for Management Development

Since 1997, EFMD has designed an international process to provide the framework of a truly international quality assessment scheme to combine the need for commonly agreed standards with the need to respect the diversity of national systems . EQUIS is the quality certification for Business Schools and EPAS is the quality certification for business education programmes.  Certifications are granted after a very serious Peers Review of several days : the international Peers Review team is made of 3 distinguished academic Deans of other business schools plus one « corporate reviewer » who has a large experience in the recruitment of Business (post-)graduates. In 2010, Alain HAUT has been appointed Corporate Peer Reviewer for both EQUIS and EPAS. In 2011, he participated in the EPAS reviews for the BBA programme of the University of Portsmouth (UK), the MBA programme of the University of Poznan (Poland) and the DBA programme of the University of Kingston (London, UK).

Executive search

O plc pursued its activity in executive search in cooperation with Ken Clark International, a global boutique executive search company specialising in the Life Sciences Industry. Four missions were successfully completed in 2011, three (Director of Sales Europe, Director of Operational Excellence Continental Europe, Director of Operational Excellence UK) for a US medical supply company, and one (Director of Competitive Intelligence and Market Research) for a Swiss biotech and pharmaceutical company. Speed and quality were the drivers of efficiency in those international searches.

The FutureWork Forum

With over 20 partners in all parts of the world, the FutureWork Forum founded in 2003 as an independent global think-tank working with senior management in public and private organisations. In 2011, the FWF reached an unprecedented level of activity putting together several programmes for the United Nations, a few universities (including UBIS and Lorange Institute), People in Aid and a very successful professional seminar in California.

Highlights – end 2010

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